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Experiencing the Father’s Love
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A place to come home | A place to find that you belong, that you are accepted | A place to find that His strength is perfected in your weakness | A place of rest

What is an ‘A’ School?

In a Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ School you will be introduced to the full perspective of the revelation of the Father’s love.

Through revelatory insight and sound biblical teaching, told through the lives of those that minister, you will be exposed to a transforming message of Love, Life and Hope. You will be given an opportunity to remove the main blockages to receiving Father’s love and discover your heart as a true son or daughter.

Jesus had the heart of a son to his Father. He lived in the presence of the love of the Father. John’s Gospel tells us that everything that He said and did was what He saw and heard His Father doing. Jesus invites us to enter that world as brothers and sisters of Him, the first born.

Opening our hearts.

As we open our hearts, Father pours His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

In a heart transformed by His love, true and lasting change can occur. After years of striving and performance many are finally finding a place of rest.

We have found that each one of us needs to take a whole week out to slow down enough to receive this revelation. The place we receive from God is in the heart and time is needed to start removing the blockages that keep us from continuously experiencing His fathering towards us.

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There are two specific goals in each Fatherheart Ministries School:

To give you an opportunity to have a major personal experience of the love that God the Father has for you.

To give the strongest Biblical understanding possible of the place of the Father in the Christian life and walk.

‘A’ School Overview

Over the years we have noticed how uniquely different each ‘A’ School is as we are led by the Holy Spirit’s directing. While we celebrate that no school is ever the same, there are several core topics that each ‘A’ School must include to be an authentic representation of what God has given us as a ministry. During your ‘A’ School we will cover the following six areas and much much more!

The Father

How completely God is a Father to us. How fully we are His children through His Son Jesus Christ and how our hearts can enter into that reality in our daily lives.

The Heart

Exactly how you can reclaim the heart of a son or daughter and live in the reality of sonship from your heart.


How weaknesses are actually the power of Sonship. That our failings can instead become opportunities for His revelation, His transformation and our growth.


The freedom that comes when the depth of true forgiveness is applied in specific areas of the human heart.


Drawing from both the Old and New Testament, you will be exposed to the scriptures that reveal the access we all have into the substance of God’s comfort.


We will be looking at the glorious adventures that are available to each one of us in this revelation of the Father’s love – the glorious freedom of the sons of God.

‘A’ School Testimonies

“What really spoke to me was that the speakers spoke with such vulnerability. You’re comfortable that you haven’t got it all together. That’s made me more comfortable about where I’m at in my own life.”

– Tim, Wellington, New Zealand

‘A’ School Testimonies

“I realised I’d been playing roles and acting all of the time. But I don’t care anymore. I would rather be real. Now I’ve learned I can let down my defences because of his love for me.”

– Maggie, Tasmania, Australia

‘A’ School Testimonies

“Father came to me during the ‘A’ school and asked me, “will you let Me love you?” During that week, as he loved me, I realised I don’t have to be so serious all the time. I can be free!”

– Jessica, Wellington, New Zealand

‘A’ School Testimonies

“During the ‘A’ school the Father kept saying to me, “It’s okay to be you”. I suddenly realised I have done a lot of pleasing to be approved, but now I can start to discover who I really am.”

– Coralie, NSW, Australia

‘A’ School Team Leaders

All ‘A’ Schools will be led by recognised Fatherheart Ministries Team Leaders.

Every participant of an ‘A’ School will receive a compli­mentary copy of the book Sonship by James Jordan.

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