I used to be the strong, silent type. You know what I am talking about, the mysterious guy in the corner at parties. He doesn’t easily introduce because he is so cool and he doesn’t need to talk unless it’s really important because small talk is so boring. He appears tough but he doesn’t have to prove himself in what he says because inside he is really scared of what you will think of him if he does actually open his mouth.

I am comfortable being much weaker now and more garrulous than before but still not a big talker. You are more likely to hear the real me when I do speak because I don’t have to impress you with my high intelligence anymore. I am even free to engage in and enjoy small talk. I don’t care much if I appear weak or silly because I don’t need to expend huge amounts of energy in building up the facade of the strong, silent type anymore. I am strong when I am weak because God gives strength and revelation to the weak and vulnerable. I am content to be one of God’s much less complicated and much loved children.

– Jim Watt  2.10.2019